Where does Monsoon work?

We work anywhere international travel is acceptable. Our partnerships include places in Latin America, Europe, and parts of Asia. For specific locations this year, click Go




Why should I go with Monsoon?

Monsoon gives young people a cross-cultural educational experience that leads to life-long involvement in bringing hope through change to global communities. Monsoon focuses on the holistic growth of each participant. As participants confront the most difficult things in themselves, which is a unique part of cross-cultural living, they will come to a deeper understanding of their own limitations and roaring potential.




How does Monsoon work?

We develop quality relationships at the local level in cross-cultural environments. We create opportunities to bring young people from Canada into overseas communites to hone skills and abilities as learners. We offer hands-on educational experiences in an overseas context for every participant by exploring personalities, talents, abilities and gifts, as well as looking at life through the lens of the story of the Bible. We also bring hope through our partnership in communities by involvement in local sustainable industry efforts.




What can I expect as a participant?

  • training in Canada prior to departure

  • orientation to culture once in the country

  • basic language introduction by immersion

  • integration into community (includes home-stays where available)

  • observation of a variety of local sustainable industry initiatives

  • opportunities for volunteer service

  • discovery of skills, abilities, talents, gifts

  • to develop personal character

  • to gain courage for the pursuit of future goals and dreams

  • to acquire skills for engaging in international community

  • in-depth Bible Study

  • development of local relationships

  • debrief prior to return to Canada

  • follow-up in Canada upon return




How old do I have to be to participate?

Must be 18 years old to participate. Certain exceptions for U18s can be made by request of a legal guardian. All participants must have a signed waiver submitted by legal guardians in order to travel.




Can I go for a shorter time? 

We can host shorter trips. Contact us to request information about a shorter term if you don't see what you're looking for on the Go page.




Can I go for longer?

Longer terms (up to 3 months) can be arranged on an individual basis according to availability of hosts in-country and timing. The character of the participant, plus the situation in the host country will be taken into consideration for longer experiences.




What will I do overseas?

Learn. Most of your time will be spent learning through cross-cultural interaction. You will learn language (where applicable) and engage in local community activities. You will make new friendships, engage in service opportunities. You will learn about development initiatives, sustainable industry, the realities of poverty and the fight to eradicate it, and you will have the opportunity to discuss the best ways to engage in charitable endeavours as an outsider in a manner that respects and honours human dignity. You will study Bible and put what you learn into practice daily in your team and cross-culturally in the local community.

Come ready to learn. This is the school of life on a whole new level.




Does Monsoon do community development work?

Yes, but it is not our focus. We focus on the character growth of our participants. As we are involved cross-culturally, a natural by-product is investment in local community. This takes place through invitation to develop relationships, engage in sustainable industry, and participation in other community-led projects that are geared toward bringing hope through positive change. All sustainable development is initiated by the local community.




How do I pay for this experience?

Raising finances to pay for this experience is the responsibility of each participant. Often, relatives and friends will see the value of an experience like Monsoon offers and donate to you in order to make this a financial possibility. Try to save your own money up to half of the cost, write to friends and family informing them about the opportunity, and have faith that you will receive the finances for the rest of your expenses as needed. Always remember to thank your donors.

Please note that donations cannot be received by MonsoonGDE at this time, but must be given as personal gifts to participants*