Monsoon Beginnings...


In 1998, a small group of young friends began to share their dreams about what it would be like to work for positive change in the world. We tied our dreams together and vowed to root one another on in the difficulties that lie ahead. At the time, our collective heart was pulled toward African countries where wars had raged in the 90s, and children had been left homeless and without family. We were drawn to the people of nations in Latin America and the Caribbean that had been plagued by long-lasting poverty, thereby lacking education and opportunity. We were moved by the stifled voices of our fellow man and cried with them to be be heard throughout Asia and India on issues of injustice. Our vision grew and with each dreaming person, a new petal of the dream began to take shape. The flower we envisioned spread love and beauty across the globe.


In the years that followed, we divided ourselves across the continents, partnered with various organisations, reaching in love to each one by one by one of the masses that crossed our paths. We learned a great lesson: we cannot change the world, but as we are changed, the people around us gain hope, we are transformed through our relationships and experiences, stripped of our sense of entitlement for the betterment of our selfless message.


Today, that group is still scattered across the world, reaching out in love to the hurting and displaced people of the nations, and bringing great hope.


Unique cross-cultural educational experiences began in France in 2002 as we partnered with local ministries, but Monsoon was officially birthed in 2006 with the first "virtual campus" being formed in the Dominican Republic. Wherever we were welcomed in local communities and homes, we stayed and formed valuable long-lasting relationships. The connection was mutually beneficial, and as a result, we have loyal partners in the Dominican Republic who continue to welcome foreign visitors to their communities.


Since then, we have hosted numerous individual participants through Monsoon's programme for terms between 3 weeks to 5 months as they engage in immersed cross-cultural education. The experience is life-changing. Many short-term teams (7-10 days) have also visited, leading to greater involvement by participants in world causes.


It is our hope that this new young generation will continue to be inspired to join the love-force in the world, spreading love and hope to hurting people. It all starts with a drop of gentle rain, and it crescendoes to floods of love, like the refreshing rains of a Monsoon on dry land...