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Shannon K. Conaghan, BATh, MDiv, MEd  is the founder of Monsoon and leads many of the cross-cultural educational experiences. She has spend time in Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, having lived for a time in many of these places. She loves to write, read, and travel with young people, inspiring them to greater involvement through teaching and in bringing love, hope, and peace to the communities of the world. In 2015, she completed her first published work: From Ash to Embers and hopes to continue writing. 

Antigua - Quinta de las flores - Bird of
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If you would like to participate in supporting the administrative work for Monsoon, please fill out a contact form and let us know of your interest. We need help with processing applicants, upkeep of the website, and mobilisation of new participants. Drop a line if you'd like to help out!